When you shouldn’t be playing Poker

Since online poker gives you the chance to win money 24 hours a day, it’s hard not to want to play every few hours.  However, there are plenty of times when you must resist this urge and find something else to do since poker may not be the best option.

One of these times definitely has to be when you’re tired since it’s so hard to concentrate at the poker table when you’re fatigued.  Sure people like Ted Forrest and Phil Laak can handle themselves after no sleep, but these are long-time pros that are used to this sort of thing.  Trying to emulate these players could be a disaster and one which could cost you lots of money.

Another time when you don’t want to be playing poker is after you’ve been drinking.  Some people claim drinking helps them to be more aggressive at the table, but you will never be a better player than when you are sober and can think clearly.  And while you may have good sessions every so often while drunk, drinking only serves to impair your better judgment.

If you’re angry, you should definitely avoid playing poker at this time as well!  Being angry not only affects your decision making abilities, but it can also make poker into the out for your anger which is never a good thing.

One other time to definitely avoid playing poker is when you are talking on the phone.  Sure some people like to multi-task while playing poker, but being on the phone is taking it to the extreme and is one of the worst distractions to any poker player.  Follow these rules and you’ll have a lot less bad sessions!