What Phil Ivey does for the Final Table

In most games/sports, people don’t root for the best players or teams unless they’re on the bandwagon or have been long-time fans.  That’s why it was so interesting to me how many people were pulling for Phil Ivey as he made his march towards the final table in the WSOP Main Event.  Eventually, Ivey would guarantee himself a spot on the final table where he is currently sitting in 7th place.

Of course Ivey’s chances of winning will be slim since he is almost 50,000,000 chips behind the leader in Darvin Moon, but he is no doubt the person everybody will be paying attention to when the Main Event begins.  Besides Jeff Shulman, Ivey is the only noted professional player, and Ivey is really the only superstar between these two. 

In fact, some people consider Ivey to be the best poker player in the world so it only further begs the question as to why anyone would be rooting for him to do well.  This question is easily answered though by the way the WSOP Main Event has played out over the last few years after the poker explosion.  The Main Event has become an extravaganza where the superstars of the game are competing against a field of around 6,500 players.  To put it bluntly, the 200-300 superstar players have little to no chance of beating the field in poker.

That’s why it’s so amazing that Ivey has made it this far with an outside chance of taking down the top prize.  But even if Ivey is the first person on the table to bust out, he’ll have no doubt further cemented his reputation as one of the best players of all time.