Erik Seidel is Latest Player to Land on TV

Whenever the discussion of all-time bracelet winners comes up, Erik Seidel’s name is sure to come up.  After all, Seidel is tied for 4th all-time (Johnny Moss) with 8 WSOP bracelets and could add more to that total before his playing days are over.  This past week, Seidel was able to parlay his poker fame into an appearance on one of his favorite shows “Curb Your Enthusiasm”.

For those who aren’t aware of this show, Curb Your Enthusiasm is a HBO comedy that centers on the fictional life of former Seinfeld producer Larry David.  Since Seidel has been such a big fan of the show, he was able to end up in it as an extra just recently.

The scene that Seidel appeared in was during a restaurant shot where Larry David was talking to his onscreen wife about an upcoming Seinfeld reunion.  During this shot, Seidel is prominently shown when the two are talking in the background.  Basically, Seidel is just sitting behind them eating in the restaurant.

Now I know this performance isn’t going to earn Seidel any Golden Globe awards, but it is pretty cool that he was able to get on one of his favorite shows.  And don’t ask me how poker fans were able to recognize him in the background during this scene - but they were.

Seidel joins the latest poker pros to appear on mainstream television as Maria Ho and Tiffany Michelle did so recently when they were on the Amazing Race.  The pair of poker pros did fairly well and finished in 6th place out of 12 teams.