Avoiding Chip Leaks

Let’s assume for a second that you were holding a very large bucket.  In that bucket were all of the chips from your bankroll.  The obvious goal as a poker player would be to fill the bucket until you needed a bigger one.  But what if there were a huge hole in your bucket?  Your chips would start leaking out which is what happens to many poker players due to the way they play.  Obviously, you don’t want leaks in your game so let’s look at some solutions for stopping those leaks.

Drawing for 2nd Best

Some players get really excited when they can limp in with a straight draw.  However, that straight draw is only the second best hand when there is also a flush draw on the board.  So never draw for a hand that is likely to be second best!

Folding to bets on the River

People follow the rule of not wasting money on the river far too religiously.  If you are in a situation where there is just a single bet on the river, and you’re getting great pot odds, you should definitely call.  For instance, if $40 is in the pot, and you only have to call a $4 bet to see the showdown, you should do it since you’re getting 10:1 odds.

Calling when Behind

Assuming you follow the general rule of paying attention at the table, you’ll know who the tight players are.  And when you know who the tight players are, you also know not to call them when they raise like crazy.  Unfortunately, many players call in hopes that this will be the time when the tight player is bluffing.  You might get lucky and catch a bluff from time to time, but you’ll leak far too many chips on other occasions.