Poker Player strangles Opponent

Many poker players are notorious for getting angry after losing a big hand.  But Tony Korfman took this a step too far and actually strangled an opponent after being rivered on the bubble of a tournament.

The tournament Korfman lost his cool in was a $1,000 re-buy event at the Bellagio.  After being rivered on a huge hand, Korfman started yelling at his opponent and screaming obscenities at him.  Korfman got even angrier and ended up choking the opponent before security grabbed him to escort him out of the casino.

Several players tried to calm the irate pro poker player and author down, but it was futile.  Noted professional player Bryon Devonshire was one of the players who was trying to intervene…..but maybe not in a calm way.

In his post on the TwoPlusTwo forums, Devonshire wrote, “I did not bubble. said punk bubbled then slammed his stack toward the guy that won the hand. punk was pissed because guy rivered him with a gutterball. then he had the balls to question weather the guy had him covered with part of his chips in the pot, part on the floor and part in the guy’s stacks. I then mother ****ed him for being a prick and chaos ensued. I always defend the dealers, floormen and players that don’t defend themselves. these types of punks should have been spanked when they were a kid. actually I’m sorry I didn’t pants him and take him over my knee. that would have been a great lesson for him. Tk”