Tips for Multi-tabling

One phenomenon that online poker has brought with it is the concept of multi-tabling.  Multi-tabling sees people playing multiple tables in an effort to play more hands per hour.  By playing more hands per hour, players are able to earn more cash in the process (assuming they’re good enough).  But many multi-tablers don’t know how many tables is a good number for them to play. 

In fact, many multi-tablers lose money because they are playing the wrong amount of tables at one time.  But figuring out the right number of tables isn’t so difficult because you just need to do a little math to determine how many tables are right for you.

Study Winnings

The first thing you need to do in order to find out how many tables you should be playing is study your winnings.  The best way to do this is by tracking sessions over a set time period, and then figuring your winnings per hour.  For example, if you earn 9bb/100 hands in $1/$2 No-Limit Hold’em, you’ll be making $18 an hour.  If you added another table, and made 7bb/100 hands, you would make even more cash per hour since you’d make $28 an hour (over 200 hands).  But if your win rate dropped to 3bb/100 hands over 3 tables, you’d want to move back to two tables because this would only leave you with $18 an hour.

Consider Effects of Multi-Tabling on You

Playing multiple tables can be really tough on poker players.  It can cause a person to become fatigued quicker, and it is also stressful.  Since multi-tabling is harder on a player, it will cut down on the length of poker sessions.  So if you can only play a 3 hour session with 6 tables, as opposed to a 4 hour session with 5 tables, you’d want to stick with the 5 tables.