Switching from Hold’em to Omaha

Despite the intense competition within the game, many people are choosing to stick with Texas Hold’em.  Smart players, on the other hand, are making their way into the game of Omaha Hi-Lo where the money comes a lot easier.  However, the money won’t come at all unless you know how to properly make the switch from Texas to Omaha Hi-Lo.

Pre-Flop Limping

One big difference you’ll notice in Omaha Hi-Lo is that there is a lot more limping before the flop.  Because of the fact that so many players have the potential for a made hand, nothing is a sure thing in Omaha.  That’s why most players choose to limp in before the flop so they can see what lands on the board.  So, unless you have a huge hand, follow suit and try to see the flop for cheap.

Split Pots

Another thing you need to be aware of when playing Omaha Hi-Lo is that there are a lot of split pots.  One player can win the high hand while one or two players can also win the low part.  The obvious goal here is to try and scoop the pot, but if you can win half of the pot for cheap then this is also good.


One more thing to keep in mind while playing Omaha Hi-Lo is that the hands you raise with will definitely differ.  For instance, an A-A-K-K might seem like a great hand, but in reality, it’s only going to be good for half the pot so don’t raise.  A hand like A-A-2-3 has the potential to win both the high and low hand so you should definitely be looking to push your advantage with cards like these.